The Routledge International Handbook of Femicide and Feminicide

CímThe Routledge International Handbook of Femicide and Feminicide
Közlemény típusaKönyv
A kiadás éve2023
SzerzőkDawson, Myrna, and Saide Mobayed Vega
SorozatcímRoutledge International Handbooks
Kulcsszavakcsaládon belüli erőszak, gyilkosság, nők elleni erőszak

This volume explores in depth femicide and feminicide, bringing together our current knowledge on this phenomenon and its prevention.

No country is free from femicide/feminicide, which represents the tip of the iceberg in male violence against women and girls. Therefore, it is crucial and timely to better understand how states and their citizens are experiencing and responding to femicide/feminicide globally. Through the work of internationally recognised feminist and grassroots activists, researchers, and academics from around the world, this handbook offers the first in-depth, global examination of the growing social movement to address femicide and feminicide. It includes the current state of knowledge and the prevalence of femicide/feminicide and its characteristics across countries and world regions, as well as the social and legal responses to these killings. The contributions contained here look at the accomplishments of the past four decades, ongoing challenges, and current and future priorities to identify where we need to go from here to prevent femicide/feminicide specifically and male violence against women and girls overall.

This transnational, multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral handbook will contribute to research, policy, and practice globally at a time when it is needed the most. It brings a visible, global focus to the growing concern about femicide/feminicide, underscoring the importance of adopting a human rights framework in working towards its prevention, in an increasingly unstable global world for women and girls.