Paradoxical Right-Wing Sexual Politics in Europe

CímParadoxical Right-Wing Sexual Politics in Europe
Közlemény típusaKönyv
A kiadás éve2022
SzerzőkMöser, Cornelia, Jennifer Ramme, and Judit Takács
SorozatcímGlobal Queer Politics
KiadóPalgrave MacMillan
Kulcsszavakgender ideológia, genderellenes támadások

How did far-right, hateful and anti-democratic ideologies become so successful in many societies in Europe? This volume analyses the paradoxical roles sexual politics have played in this process and reveals that the incoherence and untruthfulness in right-wing populist, ultraconservative and far-right rhetorics of fear are not necessarily signs of weakness. Instead, the authors show how the far right can profit from its own incoherence by generating fear and creating discourses of crisis for which they are ready to offer simple solutions. In studies on Poland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Portugal, France, Sweden and Russia, the ways far-right ideologies travel and take root are analysed from a multi-disciplinary perspective, including feminist and LGBTQI reactions. Understanding how hateful and antidemocratic ideologies enter the very centre of European societies is a necessary premise for developing successful counterstrategies.


Table of contents (10 chapters)


Paradoxes That Matter: Introducing Critical Perspectives on Right-Wing Sexual Politics in Europe

Cornelia Möser, Jennifer Ramme, Judit Takács

Pages 1-24

“We Don’t Want Rainbow Terror”: Religious and Far-Right Sexual Politics in Poland and Spain

Monica Cornejo-Valle, Jennifer Ramme

Pages 25-60

Nothing from Them: LGBTQI+ Rights and Portuguese Exceptionalism in Troubled Times

Ana Cristina Santos

Pages 61-85

The Sexual Politics of National Secularisms in Sweden and France: A Cross-Confessional Comparison

Cornelia Möser, Eva Reimers

Pages 87-118

Right-Wing Sexual Politics and “Anti-gender” Mobilization in Italy: Key Features and Latest Developments

Luca Trappolin

Pages 119-143

Fear of the “New Human Being”: On the Intersection of Antisemitism, Antifeminism and Nationalism in the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ)

Karin Stögner, Translated by Chris Fenwick for Gegensatz Translation Collective

Pages 145-172

Paradoxes of the Right-Wing Sexual/Gender Politics in Hungary: Right-Wing Populism and the Ban of Gender Studies

Erzsébet Barát

Pages 173-199

Paradoxical Sexual and Gender Politics: Projects and Narratives of Russia’s Far Right

Erin Katherine Krafft

Pages 201-221

De-colonializing National(ist) Narratives Across the Island of Ireland: The Right to Same-Sex Marriage and Abortion in Northern Ireland

Ulrike M. Vieten

Pages 223-245

Paradoxes in Right-Wing Sexual Politics in Europe: Concluding Remarks

Eva Reimers, Olaf Stuve

Pages 247-265

Back Matter

Pages 267-278