Texts and Contexts from the History of Feminism and Women’s Rights

CímTexts and Contexts from the History of Feminism and Women’s Rights
Közlemény típusaKönyv
A kiadás éve2023
SzerzőkLóránd, Zsófia
KiadóCEU Press
ISBN 978-963-386-453-1

A compendium of one hundred sources, preceded by a short author’s bio and an introduction, this volume offers an English language selection of the most representative texts on feminism and women’s rights from East Central Europe between the end of World War Two and the early 1990s. While communist era is the primary focus, the interwar years and the post-1989 transition period also receive attention. All texts are new translations from the original.

The book is organised around themes instead of countries; the similarities and differences between nations are nevertheless pointed out. The editors consider women not only in their local context, but also in conjunction with other systems of thought—including shared agendas with socialism, liberalism, nationalism, and even eugenics.

The choice of texts seeks to demonstrate how feminism as political thought was shaped and organised in the region. They vary in type and format from political treatises, philosophy to literary works, even films and the visual arts, with the necessary inclusion of the personal and the private. Women’s political rights, right to education, their role in nation-building, women, and war (and especially women and peace) are part of the anthology, alongside the gendered division of labour, violence against women, the body, and reproduction.

1)     Reinvention of the interwar period

2)     War (WWII, Yugoslavia 1990s)

3)     Ideologies of women’s emancipation

4)     Time budgets and double burden

5)     Domestic violence

6)     Women in party structures: Internal dissent and compliance

7)     Reproductive rights and demography

8)     Health, sexuality and the body

9)     Minorities, racism

10) Transfer of “Western“ feminisms

11) Open society, dissidents, and feminism